Lake Stripes

I had the most fun shoot last night with my friend Val. She is my test subject when I get a new lens I want to experiment with. I have always wanted to take lake photos. Like actually get in the water with the subject to get that shot. That perfect.. OH MY GOSH shot that just may bring a little tear to your eye. Funny thing happened while we were out at the lake. We took some dry photos first.. filled up one of my memory cards so I decided to put it in my pocket.. not thinking I would get waste deep in water for some additional shots. Well I totally forgot about my memory card until I walked out of the water and felt my pocket where it sat, soaked, filled with water. haha. it acutally was not funny at the time. I may have cursed a bit. Thank God for the old rice trick. Here are some of the photos from my shoot.

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