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DIY Curtains

Ok so my new little abode needs some curtain love. I get freaked out every night having bare windows for someone to peek into. My first night there I literally laid in bed and thought if I turn around and see a shadow of some sort in my window I will just die! lol. I never turned around to find out. So I must make curtains soon. What do you think of these?

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3 thoughts on “DIY Curtains

  1. I truely love your curtains. I have been looking forever for SOMETHING but nothing has tripped my triger until I saw yours. The only difference will be I am going to use twine instead of a curtain rod. Thanks

  2. I actually didn’t make those specific ones in the photo. I found that on pinterest. It was just my inspiration to make ones like it! Let me know how yours turned out! I am curious to see how it will look with twine.

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