Bathroom Re-Vamp

So I just recently moved into a new house. I’m renting out a finished basement that I can make my own!! It’s been a hard process going into something that needs love and hard work. There were lots of little things wrong with it but over the last few months we have turned that place into a completely different space. I love it!! Its still not all there yet but I keep telling myself “one day at a time” and sure enough its coming together. One bittersweet factor is the shower. We have had some leaking issues but couldn’t figure out the source of it. I came home the other day to a hole in the spare room wall—ahhh! with water all over the floor.. it was a bit frustrating but found out that the leak was coming from my shower.. soooo now I must shower shop:) well re-vamp my whole bathroom. It will be labor intensive but I’m having a blast looking up different ideas/inspiration for my new bathroom! Let me know if you come across any neat ideas. I found this one on I’m addicted to that site.

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